Actions, reactions, and results.

Week one post-hypnosis.
Eating patterns: changed. Chew more, feel full quicker, pushing the plate away with food still on it.
Water consumption: 90 ounces average daily; no soda at all
Exercise routine: 6 days last week, 12000 steps daily, weight/strength training x 4 days
Weight: 1.5 pound GAIN
Motivation: ughghg

So, I guess the theory that when you make plans  God laughs is true.
I've done everything - EVERYTHING - I was supposed to do and still, I gain instead of lose weight.
Sososososososososo Frustrating.

But, I do feel better not drinking diet soda, I am sleeping an average of 1-2 hours more each night ( so a total of 3-4 now), and I feel stronger physically than I did last week, so yay for that.

Maybe the scale is broken? Yeah, that's probably it. I better go to Target today and get a new one ( although I got this one last month, never know!)

More....progress(?) to report next time, I hope.
Le sigh.

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  1. Give it time to become a habit, the eating slower and less. As mothers we have a tendency to eat everything fast because one of the kids will need us soon, or now! As a teacher ( and you a nurse) eating at work is basically shovel it in so you can get back to work. Bad habits that we didn't really have control over. Having my surgery, I'm still not eating anywhere near as much as I used to (I was a shoveler also) and I'm 4 weeks post-op. Hoping to stay in that smaller eating habit. We should test it out next time we do lunch!! Though no way I can do 90 ounces of water while teaching in a classroom. I'd have to wear a diaper.

    1. Hahaahh - about the diaper - it's funny but when your body becomes acclimated to drinking that much water, you don't go to the bathroom as often. I'm up to over 100 ounces a day and I'm good!


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