Unconventional Actions - Don't judge me!

I've been talking about my never-ending struggle to lose any/all/something of the weight I've gained during the time I started menopause until this moment in time. Nothing has worked so far, in fact, my weight keeps creeping upward. Creeping? Jiminy crickets, it's on the fast track!

So, in an attempt to try something different, I went and got Hypnotized this past Saturday.

Yes, me, little Miss Naysayer, actually went to a seminar where you can get hypnotized to lose weight.

It was....interesting, to say the least. One of the best things about it is that I was the thinnest person in the room except for the hypnotist. And I realize how horrible I sound saying that, but anytime I can be the thinnest person ANYWHERE is a major plus for my fragile ego. So.

The seminar was 2 hours. One was devoted to a detailed, medicine-backed lecture on why dieting doesn't work, the way our bodies process sugar and fat, and the ways we've slowly been killing ourselves with dieting due to major nutrient depletion over a course of decades.

Everything the moderator said rang true with me. The more I diet, the more I starve, the more I eat all the no-cal, low cal, no taste foods out there, the more my weight increases.

Hour # 2 was the actual hypnosis. I won't go into all the boring details of how it was done, but when it was over, I thought we'd spent about 5 minutes on it when in reality it was 30. I was fully awake - which you're supposed to be -- just realllllllllllllllllly relaxed and receptive to what was being said.

Did I feel different afterward? No, just a little refreshed.

Did I magically drop 90 pounds? No. But the true test was Saturday night when hubman and I went out to dinner.

Two of the "Suggestions" placed in my subconscious was that I was going to feel full faster and leave food left over at the end of the meal instead of licking the plate clean as I usually do, and that I would place my utensils down on the plate between bites and chew ( which I NEVER DO!) I'm a shovel-er. I shovel the food in fast, barely chew before swallowing and choke more times than not!

While we were out to dinner my husband commented that I was eating much more slowly, putting my utensils down, which I hadn't even realized I was doing, and then I left a decent portion of my food still on the plate before I exclaimed, "I'm full and done." Which I really was.

Score!! There were a bunch more suggestions "Placed" in my subconscious that I've noticed since the seminar as well, and all that is - hopefully - helping with weight loss.

I'll report next week if I do lose anything, because, in all seriousness, that's the only way to tell if it truly did work. And if it did - well, little Miss Naysayer will be a converted Believer!

When I'm not getting hypnotized or doing any other mind altering things, you can find me here, where I blog about my other career: writing. 
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  1. Fantastic!! I got hypnotized a couple of years ago and did a past life regression. It was fun at the time but since then, the experience lingered and makes itself known at odd moments. All good, but disconcerting when I realize it. Good luck with weight loss and menopause--I am a fellow traveler in both regions.


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