It's been a minute...

So I've been absent for the past month of Tuesdays because I've been on a blog/book tour for my other life - the writing one. I had a new book release on 4.3.18 and I've been on a daily blog tour, so my writing for here got a little sidetracked.
The last time we met I 'd just been hypnotized to try and lose some of the weight I've gained during menopause. I had a subconscious thought placed to stop drinking all the Diet Mountain Dew soda I drink and instead, switch to water. There were a few other "prompts" that were put in as well. The results?
I no longer drink soda of any kind, which is amazing.
But... I've gained 19 pounds since being hypnotized.

Unbelievable, right? The one thing that should have helped me to lose weight, made me gain 19 pounds. I have a theory that the reason i did was because there was so much caffeine in the soda I drank all day long, that it helped rev my metabolism, so I was able to at least  keep my weight at a somewhat normative level.

My husband doesn't believe that theory for a second.

You're gonna ask if I changed my eating habits and the answer would be yes. The hypnotist gave each of us a meal planner with a caloric intake of between 1800 and 2000 calories per day. I've been living on 800-1000 per day, so in essence, he doubled my caloric intake.

You'd gain weight, too, if you did that.

So, this past week I went back to eating my "normal" 1000 calories a day.
Result: lost 3 pounds.


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