Crepey skin or Creepy skin?

So last week I wrote about how there's a humongous marketing push for women of a certain age - read MENOPAUSAL! - and skin care. Every major cosmetic and skin care line now sells a separate line for the woman over 50. These lines are branded as youth in a bottle and non-surgical corrective cures for saggy, wrinkly, aging skin.

If only.

One particular line deals with an aging skin issue ( and don't I hate that phrase!) called crepey skin. The definition is skin that looks thin and dull and wrinkly, like crepe paper.

Seriously?? When did this become a "thing?"

Well, I'd never heard about crepey skin until I saw Jane Seymour hawking her line of skin cream called CREPE ERASE.
Jane has Dr. Andrew Ordon explain why the skin turns to the consistency of crepe paper and shows you how, after using this product, within 60 days there is a quantifiable and visible change in the appearance of the skin.

So, for full disclosure here, I have this affliction. Crepey skin.  I never knew that's what it was called. I just referred to it as my elephant skin.

My neck is lined like a cross-country road map and is the consistency of crepe paper. As is my decollete. I've never taken care of my neck and chest skin and because of that they've suffered the ravages of time and that loss of care by becoming weathered and dry and very wrinkly. Full disclosure here: these are NOT pictures of me.

So I ordered the 30 day supply and used it religiously for the month.

Did I notice any change in my skin? Marginally. When the next month supply came I continued using it because Dr. Ordon said you see results "over time." Well, I'm six weeks into it now and I am starting to see subtle changes in the skin of my neck. My decollete, not as much, but the skin is looking a little more hydrated.

Crepe Erase is a very emollient product, and by that I mean when you put a dollop on your fingertips and then spread it over your skin, you really need to rub it into your skin to be absorbed adequately.  I wonder if all this rubbing actually wrinkles the skin even more. Prior to spreading it over your elephant skin you need to use a cleanser that has an exfoliant effect to it to scoot away all the dead skin cells and leave your skin ready to suck in the crepe erase. There's something counterintuitive to me about using a grainy, sandy, rough product on such delicate skin, but oh well.

I will admit after using the scrub my neck and decollete "feel" smoother. When I apply the crepe erase product to them, though, you can see all the imperfections in my skin magnified because now they are greasy from the product.

I'll check in when I've gone 60 days using the product to let you know if there is any long-term change.

Menopause...the gift that keeps on giving.....


  1. I've always wondered about these products. Thanks for sharing your experience, Peggy. :)


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