Menopause Skin....

Have you ever heard what the 7 dwarves of Menopause are called? Grumpy, Sleepy, Itchy, Sweaty, Boated, Moody and Forgetful.

I have a few of my own Dwarves to describe Menopause skin: Saggy, Crepey,  Ashy, Pore-y. Wrinkley, Freckley and Dry.

I've always ALWAYS been a fanatic about my skin even when I was younger and didn't have any wrinkles. I've always used sunscreen, even when I used to worship the sun, I always have moisturizer on my face day and night, I use serums, gentle cleansers, and ultra moisturizing moisturizers around my eyes. I've never used soap to clean, only body soap/lotion. You would think my skin would look pristine, procelain, and wrinkle-free like a new born baby's butt.

You would be wrong.
Nope. Not a chance.

I never had a single pore on my face until I hit menopause and then overnight these friggin' craters appeared along my chin.

The corners of my eyes - despite the liberal and continual use of specific eye creams - resemble road maps with the lines fanning out and running in all directions.

And let's not forget the skin on my arms and legs. I believe the term used most commonly to describe that skin is...crepey. Move the second E back two spaces and you'll know what I really think my skin looks like.

I drink gallons of water daily, use sunscreen with a 100 SPF - despite never going in the sun! I wear a hat any time I am outdoors, and sleep on satin pillowcases.

And still my face marches along the sands of time....

There are more products on the market for aging and aged skin ( a deplorable term) now, than ever before. A quick trip to Target and to the cosmetics aisle and you will see mutliiple brands devoted to skin care of women over 50. Every major skin line now has a separte moisturizer or serum to deal with "aging" skin. Deplorable, I say!

Diane Keaton hawks L'Oreal for older woman

Jayne Seymour has her own line called Crepe Erase

Christie Brinkley has her own skin empire called Complete Clarity and Authentic

Selma Hayak endorses Nuance

The list goes on and every year it seems to grow. Skin care is a multi-gagillion dollar business and baby boomer women and the women born the decade after them are shelling out beaucoup bucks in order to keep their skin looking like it did when they were in their thirties.

I'd be happy if my skin looked like it did five years ago, never mind two decades ago!

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm using one of the above products right now. Next week I'll tell you what it is and how it's doing. Or if it's doing. Anything. Anything at all!!

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